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Baby name regret :(


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18-Dec-10 8:42 am
I had regrets too Babydust. Till today sometimes I have regrets about my second DS and DD's name. But Kacper is really good name for my son, suits him perfectly. Maya supposed to be called Annabel Mia or Mia Annabel . My DH was pushing me for Michelle tho, even right after her birth so in last second we agreed on Maya . I really like it and it is good name for her but I loved Mia and I know that even I would have another DD in the future I can not call her Mia because those names are too close. As of nick names ... Well, there isn't much variations for any of my kids names. Kevin is called thin crust or little spider, Kacper is called little bear and sometimes Chris and Maya is Mimi-bug or little mouse .I think Gabriella is beautiful name .Stick with it.
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