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What method did you use to try to conceive a girl? Help Please!

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16-Dec-10 10:26 am

What methods did everyone use to try to conceive a girl, and did it work or not?  My husband and I are seriously considering MicroSort (when/if it becomes available again for Family Balancing) to conceive a girl.  I don't think we can come up with the money for PGD (which I know is a better guarantee), and I am  not sure if just swaying will up our chances of having a girl enough.  So, PLEASE tell me what you did and if it worked!  Thanks for your help!  Happy

If you did MicroSort or PGD, would you mind sharing how many cycles it took and how much it cost...(if you would prefer not to share this info, I understand!)  Thanks again!!! 


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16-Dec-10 10:44 am

Here's what we did for a girl:

  • used Shettles timing
  • took supplements (cranberry, etc...)
  • made a few dietary changes (lean meats, potassium(?)-free yougurt)
  • shallow penetration
  • no big O for me
  • jump and dump
  • lime douche (can't remember if this was every time, or if I stopped once I felt the yeast infection coming on)
We got a boy.

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16-Dec-10 11:03 am

 I have 3 boys.  The 2nd one was a perfect Shettle's sway for a girl.  The third was a perfect TBM attempt.  This time, I did some research and combined a few things and focused mainly on putting my body into an acidic state.  Here is the link to my sway:

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16-Dec-10 12:38 pm

I think I have tried it all.

After ds#2, I tried MS with IUI.  Had more than one follicle, perfect cycle, perfect timing, BFN.  I used injectibles and monitoring, so my cycle cost around 4-5K.  I was about 27 at the time and always got pregnant first month trying.

Swayed my ass off for #3, got another boy (who has since stolen my heart!).

Tried MS/PGD/IVF at 31 years old.  (cost around 17K)  Didn't even make it to transfer.  19 eggs, 5 fertilized, only one normal femal out of the bunch but she did not make it to transfer. 

My cycles were messed up after IVF, comes my daughter.

Just go into this knowing that there are NO guarentees!


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16-Dec-10 1:12 pm

We were going to sway hardcore for this pregnancy (even bought all the stuff we would need), but a few months before TTC, I suddenly became happy & at peace with having another boy. In theory, I think that swaying could work, but I don't put much stock in it. So we just DTD multiple times (right before ovulation, during & right after ovualtion) like we always do and we're having a girl. I think it's just 50/50 what gender you get.

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16-Dec-10 5:48 pm
I followed Shettles only as far as timing-- BD several times leading up to ovulation but cut off 2 days prior, and got my daughter. This time we were having trouble getting pg and my fertility was decreasing (based on testing), so I had an IUI which meant I was inseminated the day of ovulation only, and it resulted in a boy. I wanted another girl and had asked about Microsort, but was not a candidate because I already had a girl -- even though MY version of a balanced family is 2 daughters, lol.

I have read so many stories on this forum of people who followed Shettles exactly and got the opposite gender they were swaying for, so it's definitely not full proof. If you are only swaying, I would go into it accepting, and being OK with, another boy.

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16-Dec-10 6:41 pm

I did the girl swaying with out cheating at all,used enough lime for 50 thousend key lime pies, diet,suppliments,ions,intercourse timing 0+12,feng shui and lost was a bunch of stuff to do but I do honestly believe had I never swayed...I would be on boy number 5!

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16-Dec-10 8:41 pm
I ended up on the losing end of the luck of the draw with hi tech. $60,000 down the drain, 5 horrible cycles and about 3 years of heartache and ZERO to show for it. The bright side of all of it is my dd who was conceived with no swaying and on ovulation day which is total boy zone if you believe in the timing stuff. There are NO guarantees with hi tech and I learned this the hard way as I thought for sure it would work for me. After all, how could it not?? Lol.

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16-Dec-10 10:37 pm
My dd was a surprise baby. I just prayed really hard and it happened. But really I think every time is 50/50

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16-Dec-10 10:48 pm
Zora Astor"]

[quote user="WaitedSixYears:

I followed Shettles only as far as timing-- BD several times leading up to ovulation but cut off 2 days prior, and got my daughter. [/quote]

Dr. Shettles and his method are long dead It never worked to begin with. The Shettles method results in DG 50% of the time.

I thought some of the current sway techniques (like timing) are very similar to what Shettles proposed? I'd love to know more about this, are there any articles you can suggest?
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16-Dec-10 11:18 pm
when i got pregnant with my dd i was on a diet and trying to lose weight from having our last. i also did vitex because my cycles were crazy and cranberry for bladder infections. i got pregnant and had a m/c and then stopped everything but got pregnant that cycle. i was pretty much doing the same thing for my next 2 children which are boys so i dont know how i feel about swaying.
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16-Dec-10 11:38 pm

 Just marking here....Happy  LOL FWIW DS2 was an O day baby

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17-Dec-10 7:52 am

With DS2 I did a pretty intensive sway- and ended up with a boy anyways- which has turned out great as he is perfect.

For my DD I didn't sway at all, as I don't think it works. I've seen way too many ladies on this site disappointed after swaying.

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18-Dec-10 2:44 pm

I somewhat followed the IG girl diet, timed true o+12, tried to consider all those ion things mentioned on IG. I was also breastfeeding at the time (no cervical mucus), and was loosing weight while conceiving, partially due to IG diet.

I am expecting a baby girl. In my mind, the timing (true o+12) and the breastfeeding really helped, all in all my sway probably helped opting my chances 60/40. just my intuition obviously, who can tell?

I didnt have the choice to do MS as I dont live in the US and dh would never have considered it, he doesnt understand GD. I would definitely have gone for MS in fact, I would defo go for it for a 4th baby. Good luck with whatever you decide!


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19-Dec-10 1:31 am

We had sex on ovulation day rear entry and had our DS.  With DD we had sex missionary every other day starting at the beg. of our fertile week. We stopped the day before ovulation. I also made sure not to get up until morning after he ejaculated. We are now expecting #3. We did it the same way as DD, so we shall see.

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