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For those that already got a +

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15-Dec-10 12:10 am

Can you please share with me your LP days and how many days after O did you get your +?

I'm 11DPO and still - . For the past 6 months, my LP have been from 10 days to 12 days. My AF is due to come in a couple of days (or should have came by today if it would have been 10 days). And my HPT have been negative. I thought that by now, the most sensative test should have picked up the Hcg hormone, if I am pregnant. I know it depends on implantation, but doesn't the bean implant based on your LP? Isn't that the reason they say to test as close as to your expected AF date? I'm confused. Please share your input with me, please! =D Thank you so much!


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15-Dec-10 2:33 am

My LP is 13 days and a got a very faint positive at 11 DPO, so faint that my DH thought it was still negative.  I didnt get a good positive until 15 DPO, and yet the test line was still much lighter than the control line.

I think 10 DPO is very early, because some embryos dont implant until 7-10 DPO, therefore you could have only just implanted which would be why the test is still negative.  Id test again if your AF is late because it is possible you are pg, but it is just too early to tell now. 

 Goodluck over the coming days, I hope you get a BFP this month.

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15-Dec-10 2:04 pm

Hi TTC Alyssa: thank you for replying, I really do appreciate it a lot. I am going bonkers trying to figure this out, lol! I tested this am, and big fat so -   . I feel like AF is going to show up later on at night or even tomorrow. Oh well, if I missed my eggie, it was not meant to be. I am already thinking about my next sway attempt =D .


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15-Dec-10 4:01 pm

bebeazul, I am right there with you! Don't you hate this waiting? and wondering if AF will show up at any moment. I just want each morning to hurry up and get here so I can check my temp, hope that its still high and take a test.  I am DPO 9 and got a negative today. It is still early, so I still have hope. I can't wait to test tomorrow - its my birthday, I hope I get good news!  Good luck to you!

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15-Dec-10 9:06 pm
Goodluck girls!! It's not over until af shows her ugly face!! For me I got a very faint bfp at 8dpo, but I have never gotten one so early before and I think a lot of people don't get them until af is due, so fx for you!!

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16-Dec-10 12:06 pm
I got my bfp at 9 dpo this time but with my other 3 it was 11 and 12 dpo. My lp is 14 days. Gl!
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