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What will happen to my baby and me if I have preeclampsia?


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13-Dec-10 1:26 pm
Ur blood pressure can vary during pregnancy. Mine went up and down a lot and at the end I was getting into the 140's/ 100's and I still wasn't induced for that. One of the biggest things for bp issues can be dehydration. Are you drinking enough? If u lay on ur left side ur BP should go back down. Everytime I had to go in for high BP they would make me lay on my left side for 20 mins and it'd go so low I'd have to be careful walking around! Plus ur in the hosptial thats not the most unstressful place so that can be a factor esp if ur worried abotu something they are talking to u about or whatever it may be.. I'd wait for the 24 hour urine to come back before jumping to any conclusions honestly and go from there. GL!

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