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Aislinn is back on oxygen :(

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12-Dec-10 11:10 pm

Our freedom from the oxygen tube lasted less than a day. After Aislinn had the issue with her breathing while she was asleep, we took her to see her pedi and she happened to do the same thing there as she slept on my shoulder. The doc checked her o2 sats and they were down in the high 40s!! So we were told to put the oxygen back on and the doc called our cardiologist to let him know what happened. They are having us concentrate her formula again so she gets higher calories and will hopefully gain weight quicker. The sooner we can get her to 13-14lbs the better off we will all be because she can have her surgery then and they can fix the problem, hopefully. I'm so disappointed, it was so nice to be able to carry her and move her around without worrying about the oxygen tube. I know she needs it but I never thought she would be on it this long. Anyway, that's the update ladies.

Aislinn Maria 6/13/10 3lbs 4oz 15 1/4in IUGR, T21..EDD was 7/20/10