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Resentment for others, even though you got your DG?


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11-Dec-10 9:13 pm

Do you ever find yourself still begrudging others the same happiness (hoping they don't get daughters like they want, or being disappointed when they do get their DG girls)? It might be hard to admit to something like that, you?

I've never really thought about that before.   I think that if I'd gotten what I wanted, I could be generous and happy for other people.  Like, I would have the joy of my daughters and would want others (at least the people I like!) to have that same joy.  Or maybe if my girls were driving me nuts, I would hope that other people wouldn't have daughters, even if they wanted them, to save them from the irritation!

The thing I've been wondering recently is if I'd had my dream family of two girls, would I be thinking, "I wish I'd had a boy" when I got frustrated with them?  Would I wish I could experience both genders like other people seem to do?  I think that I might have had GD in the opposite way, although it would be mild and occasional.

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