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So where is everyone on crawling, walking, climbing etc?


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6-Dec-10 7:29 pm

Just wondering how our little Dec babies are doing!! Emily turned 1 on the 1st. She's getting so big it blows my mind. She's been walking for a while now and turns out she can climb stairs now too. Found out that nifty little fact tonight (oi!)Doh! ..So who's doing what now I love to see how all our bitty ones are progressing!

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7-Dec-10 4:28 pm

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11-Dec-10 2:50 am
Can't seem to do paragraphs on my iphone....sorry! She could climb the stairs as soon as she could crawl, so I have had the stairgates up for a looking time now. She is doing 5 steps walking but that's it so far. She spends all day stood up though. She is a real character and loves her brothers so much.


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15-Dec-10 11:06 am

 L is all over the place!!  He's been standing and taking one or two steps for a while now (like maybe once or twice a week.. very sporadically).  He's just started to actually walk now (11 months).  It's so exciting.  He just kind of went for it one night and it was so crazy to see my little baby talking steps.  Hearts  I'll make a post with a video here in a minute.  Sorry, first time mommy so I'm overly proud.

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19-Dec-10 3:06 pm

Zac is a late bloomer... he started crawling not too long ago and now is holding onto anything and everything but not walking yet. His b-day is coming up on the 28th and I was hoping that he would walk by then but I don't think it will happen soon. It's ok, this is my last baby and he can stay a "baby" for as long as he wants Happy Giggle

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