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the ultrasounds predicted boy once at 13 weeks and again at 37 weeks BUT i had a GIRL


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4-Dec-10 12:27 pm

i am in bliss right now... the two ultrasounds i had predicted boy even at 37 weeks they printed me out what was the scrotum and penis turns out it was a foot...YAYYYY.... i DELIVERED today after 4 c-sections.... I went through 3 OB's with this pregnancy and I had no problem saying to them YOU'RE FIRED if I felt they were not doing things in my best interest...the first OB changed my due date several times and only did one ultrasound and refused to do anymore he was FIRED...the second OB said hey you didnt do a HIV test so i am gonna have to send you to another state to deliver next visit she said well if you dont schedule your section now then i am going to have to drop you from my practice i told her she hadnt even done her own ultrasound and i will not schedule based on the last OB's notes and well she was FIRED andit turns out that was the OB i had been to for my 4 sons...the last OB took me on at 39 weeks and well for the week he was my caregiver it was great no pressure no threats i was scheduled for another section on monday BUT during the night things went fast and at 212 this morning i found myself holding a precious baby and i assumed boy so i aint bother to check ... so the hospital had a breakfast with santa thing going on and they gave wrapped presents to all the babies WELL on my gift there was a sticker that said GIRL i called the woman back who gave it to me and told her she gave me the wrong gender gift and she looked at it then she said i was certain they told me there was a GIRL in this room well while she stood there I quickly got threw the tightly wrapped blankets and popped open that diaper and HEY NO PENIS ...... ALL MY PRAYERS WERE ANSWERED ...I HAVE A BABY GIRL.....Happy Smile

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4-Dec-10 12:31 pm

OH MY GOODNESS!!! That is SO wonderful!!! I am very happy for you and I can't believe it!!!


I am now staring at my ultrasound pics trying to see if that, too, could be a foot. Probably not very likely since I now know someone who this happened to, it won't happen to me. But I am still SO, SO happy for you. That's just CONGRATULATIONS MOM AND DAUGHTER!!


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4-Dec-10 12:46 pm


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THANK YOU SO MUCH...feels good to hear those words BUT it stilll seems so unreal ... I am browsing the web for a name I was so unprepared for a surprise like this but I wouldnt change it for the world...

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two dreams fulfilled at once a daughter and a VBA4C....

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4-Dec-10 12:57 pm

Your storey has just made me chuckle, thank you, that has made my day, and MANY CONGRATULATIONS, what wonderful news, bet you keep checking to make sure. Happy Celebrate 

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4-Dec-10 1:00 pm

 Congratulations and Celebrations!!! Miracles DO happen!

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4-Dec-10 1:05 pm

CONGRATS on your baby girl!!! What an awesome surprise!! :)

I should prob point out though that u/s's at 13 and 37 weeks are not very accurate... between 18 and 22 weeks is the best for gender determination, any earlier and things aren't as developed and any later and things get pretty squished/distorted.

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I'm in no way "disappointed" that I have sons, I just want the chance to raise a daughter as well. Happy Wink

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4-Dec-10 1:09 pm

I should prob point out though that u/s's at 13 and 37 weeks are not very accurate... between 18 and 22 weeks is the best for gender determination, any earlier and things aren't as developed and any later and things get pretty squished/distorted.

Oh, bummer. I had mine at 18 weeks. I guess there's not a good chance the same will happen to me Happy Wink



I just think it's excting that this CAN happen. Because you always hear about the opposite, being told girl and having a boy. I've never heard of someone being told boy and having a girl. It's shocking!!

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4-Dec-10 9:43 pm

I am crying tears of JOY for you! Your story gives me hope. Happy Celebrate

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4-Dec-10 10:01 pm
Wow that's an amazing story, congratulations on your baby girl!! Happy Giggle I am thrilled for you!! x
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5-Dec-10 3:58 am

 oh wow! thatsan amazing fantastic! Congratualtions Happy Celebrate

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5-Dec-10 4:14 am

 Congratulation!!! What a nice suprise!! God luck on finding a beautiful name for your HeartsBaby Bear GirlHearts!

How did your family react?

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5-Dec-10 4:29 am

That's amazing.  Can  you imagine your face if you'd gone to change the nappy and found your baby was a girl then??!  So glad miracles do happen for some!  Baby Bear Girl

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5-Dec-10 4:59 am

Omgosh! What an incredible story! You must be sooo happy! Congrats on your precious baby girl! Hearts


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5-Dec-10 5:17 am

Wow, I have tears in my eyes reading your story, what fantastic news.  Congratulations on your little Baby Bear Girl xxx

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5-Dec-10 5:20 am

Wow christmas has come early for you, congrats on the birth of your new baby girl. x

Mum to four gorgeous boys, my heart is longing for a baby girl. Hoping praying dreaming that we all get are dds or dss. Big hugs on your journeys girls. xxx
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