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Girl moms, what was your cm type when you concieved your girls?

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3-Dec-10 3:35 pm

and what was your ph level at the time was it low or high?



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3-Dec-10 11:25 pm

Between 4.5 and 4.75 ish!

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4-Dec-10 4:21 pm
*Delete me*

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6-Dec-10 3:03 am

 I had tons of EWCM both times. CM pH was 4 ( I tested it for the 1st time when I found this site, in June)

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18-Jan-11 11:15 am

 I will get EWCM but it's a toxic waste land down there. I am almost always a 4.5.

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18-Jan-11 11:19 am

sorry didnt know about this with DD1 7 with DD2 , EWCM .

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18-Jan-11 1:22 pm

creamy with low PH.  frequently BD and lots of diet cranbery and


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18-Jan-11 1:42 pm

I will get EWCM but it's a toxic waste land down there. I am almost always a 4.5.
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I was the same-I did have some EWCM but ph was 4.5 - 5.

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