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I am trying sooo Hard

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3-Dec-10 4:31 am

 Its my mother inlaws sons wife. I don't think it would change if i had a daughter of my own but at least it would hurt a little less. It was happening before SIL had her DD but after she was born i told my hubby it is going to dramatically change and it did. But much worse than i predicted. I wanted a little girl for me. But thro every pregnancy MIL kept saying you know it is going to be boy just be happy what you got as girls don't run in the family, So i think there was a little bit GD in her. But to put me down all the time as well just hurtfully. I have been kicked so many times and you have to get up and brush yourself down and get on with it. But family are like my krytonite.

As for my hubby seeing what is happening. He sometimes sees it and shakes his head but the really hurtful stuff is when he isn't there or when he (has a tendency to) falls asleep on his mums couch

I had a brief talk to Hubby and he told me not to go there without him and if it gets to much then he is going to have a word.

But i feel after someone says something its going to be just as bad. Very forced.

The IL's are trying to pin us down for Xmas but we told them we are going to have it at ours as my baby sis and BF are staying over. Its just the after food i am worried about. The opening of prezzies when they are there. I am trying to go when they are not there.  Well it has been every Xmas (4 years)so far that i can't have a little drink as i have been pregnant. So i may have a couple just to get a little tipsyHappy  Lets hope it all pans out well

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