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Dream4pink girlie sway attempt. UPDATE!! ITS A GIRL!!!!!!

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2-Dec-10 5:09 am


NAME - Dream4pink
Gender Resulted - GIRL!!!!!! Confirmed 16weeks +2
Swaying Attempt - Natural, EGS (TBM, SU, GDC, MSU), High Tech (IUI, IUI/MS), details? - Natural


CM Ph - 3.6 - 4
DH Ph - Unknown, (combined after bd was 4.8 - 5)
Douche type and when


No lime as ph was soo low, tried milk douche to raise ph but wasnt very successful


Replens and when ACIJEL a few times from af but then stopped as ph was too low.
Big O - No


Calcium 1200 - 2000mg (supps and diet)
Magnesium - 400mg, plus food
Potassium - Tracked on fitday and stayed in or under IG recommended range
Sodium - Tracked on fitday and stayed in or under IG recommened range
DH minerals - Calcium and Magnesium


Dietary Changes - Yes IG diet for 7 weeks before attempt
Did you continue diet after attempt/ how long? - Mostly, I added some foods from french diet and had a few cheats on 7dpo (got a faint BFP at 8dpo)
Caffeine - none EVER
DH caffeine Yes. Did cut down tho.. 


Drinks - Cranberry and milk

- Saw Palmetto!!! No exercise, lavender everything, and painted nails every second day.


Cranberry - 20,000mg a day ( i did stop a week before O though as ph was so low)
Acidophilus -No
Sudafed - No
Others - Calcium, magnesium, cranberry, folic acid, iron and saw palmetto
DH supps  - Calcium, magnesium and cranberry


BD cutoff (# of days) -2.5 days
BD thru O - NO
O+12 - Yes ( O+18 ?)
Frequent BD/how many days - Yes, frequent from af - cut off
Charting O with Temp - Yes
Charting O with OPK - Yes
Fertility monitor used/type - No
Suspected O date - November 22nd, 2010


Oed in what moon phase

- Full Moon! 


Changed ions in other ways? - Yes, spring attempt, ki flow bracelets x2, lavender oil diffusers, plants indoors, fans blowing, computer ionizer, showers, lots of walks in fresh air and at beach, Lavender cleaning products etc, calcium and magnesium.


How many kids do you have? - 3
What gender(s)? - Boys
# of months TTC - First attempt Happy
Your Age - 29
BD position - missionary
Jump and dump - No
EWCM present/how much? - None
DH undies type - Tight boxer/briefs
DH hot bath/shower


 Yes before every attempt


OWT - anything under bed?


Yes Girlie, pink newborn outfits





 My ph sat around 3.6 most of the time, after bd it went up to 4.8 - 5 combined then slowly dropped within a couple of hours and by the next morning it was 3.6 again! I still cant believe i got a bfp, and on my first attepmt!!  I thought I would have killed all the sperm for sure!! I feel very blessed! Diet was hard and the complete oppoiste to my usual very high in sodium, blanced diet.  I tried to incorporate the tw theory and definately ate like a poor person! I lost 7 kilos in 6 weeks and am now down to 57 kilos!  Overall I am pretty happy with our attempt!  FX its our healthy baby girl!!

We found out we are having a precious little GIRL!!!!!!!  Words can even begin to describe how happy i am!! Thank you everyone for the kind words, help and support!  Im so thankful that I found this site!!

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Baby Bear Girl Sophie Mia arrived Aug 2011,,, My IG Princess!!