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attempt today.. urgent please help tamara & all experts

ultimate dream

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29-Nov-10 11:23 am
Today could be my attempt and I am not 100% confident that I am on right track. I don't know if I should do it today or wait for tomorrow.

It looks like I have already messed up my chance. Last month I didn't O and a month before that I did on 19th CD (every month it is 17th CD but was delayed due to supplements).
So this month I thought I would O around 19CD and decided to start testing from 14th day (if i start testing early in my cycle I get stressed and affects, delays, my O). Yesterday afternoon I had a sharp pain (O types) in my back and little wet feeling down there and I checked with smiley it was positive. I checked the CD on my data sheet and it was not 14CD but 15CD. I was foolishly thinking it is 14CD.

I had planned for 19CD and therefore asked DH to abstain from 14CD. I had him to take it out yesterday afternoon after Ii realised my mistake. If I have to do it today night he will have abstained only for 1.5 days, which is bad. Will it affect in any way? I know ideal is 4 days.
Willl this lower his PH. Please suggest methods to increase sample's quantity and PH. He is taking -BSD+COT 2-3 times a day
-ACV 2 times
-Red Bull - 2 times today
-All necessary supplements
-lemon water

I also don't underdstand when is the right time to do it.

I am temping orally and V.

Yesterday CD15 - temp was OT - 36.04,  VT - 36.7 (vt is almost constant for past few days except 3 days back it was 36.5), 4:30pm -smiley +ve, O strips 30miu/ml (normal) +ve & 40 miu/ml (low sensitivity) -ve,  CM stretchy EW like.

Today CD 16 - temps dropped OT- 35.94, VT 36.5, 10:30am smiley +ve, other O strips light line, CM ph 6.25 approx, CM stretchy EW like
then at 12 noon EWCM more transparent, CM ph almost 7.0.

When is the right time to DTD. today or should I wait for tomorrow?

I would also like to confirm my TBM method.

 1hr before DTD

  1. get pasteurised egg at room temperature
  2. BSD + COT drink  for me & DH
  3. ACV for me & DH
  4. BSF
  5. red bull for DH


before dtd

  1. apply EW in Va…
  2. sample in instead cup
  3. egg to float on sample
  4. Big O
  5. insert instead cup and sit for 90 mins
  6. Big O while it is in.
  7. remove instead cup & Big O.
  8. Big O after 8 hrs.
  9. continue supplements, drinks, diet until +ve PG test.

I hope I have got the method correct.

 Please correct me if anything is wrong.

can i use other lubricant instead of preseed please see the link below: or

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