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My baby is here - after a super quick labor!

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29-Nov-10 10:49 am

At 9:00 pm on Tuesday night, I took a hot bath and while I was in the tub, I thought my water broke - felt a funny feeling and a gush, but it was hard to tell because I was in the water.  I got out, and there was no leaking, so I thought maybe I was wrong.  I went to bed, but could hardly sleep because I kept having all kinds of pains, but no real contractions.  Finally, at 3:30, I had two big contractions five minutes apart, and I felt a gush of water with the second one.  I woke up dh, we called the dr. and his mom to come watch the boys.   Meanwhile, my contractions quickly progressed to four and then three minutes apart.  I was getting panicky that we wouldn't make it to the hospital!  Thankfully, his mom got there quickly, and we hit the road.  Thank goodness it was the early morning hours and there was no traffic, so my husband FLEW to the hospital (we figured if he got pulled over, we'd tell them the situation and we'd get a police escort to the hospital!) During the ride there, my contractions were exactly 2 minutes apart. Got to the hospital at about 4:30, I told the ER nurse "I am having a baby very soon."  She didn't doubt me, as I immediately began having a contraction.  She called down to L&D, and said they'd be up to get me, then decided she'd better start pushing me down.  We met the L&D nurse halfway, she rushed me down to L&D.  We got to the room, and I went to the bathroom, and when I sat down, I felt the urge to push!  I told the nurse, she got me strapped up to the fetal monitors and checked me - I was 8 cm dialated with a "paper-thin" rim of cervix.  My body was telling me to push, but the doctor wasn't there yet!  They gave up on waiting for the on-call OB and called a resident, who got there quickly.  They didn't try to stop me from pushing.  The doctor got there, and 3 or 4 pushes later, he was born at 4:50am! The nurse looked at the monitor, and he was born exactly 15 minutes after it was hooked up.  He missed arriving on is due date by about 5 hours.  My most prompt child so far.

We named him James Conor.  He was 8lbs. 13 oz (my biggest baby!) and 21 inches long.  I had two minor tears that just required one stitch each.  We were both doing well enough to come home on Thursday.

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