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How does her hair grow?

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27-Nov-10 11:57 am

Hello ladies. My oldest daughter just got her haircut for the second time. The first one was professional and she claimed that the hair all around the crown and sides of her hair would naturally be the next to grow out and catch up with the nape of her neck. This did not happen. Instead she basically looked like she had a mullet. So I cut it this time. It is much better, but I am wondering what other women experience with the growth of their little girls' hair. 

How does your daughters hair grow? Is it curly or straight? My daughters is a bit curly and mostly in the hair on the top 1/2 of her head and framing her face.

Do you cut your children's hair?

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19-Jan-11 2:51 pm

No I wont cut Julia's hair until she askes...maybe trims but thats it...her hair is fine,thin and grows sloooowww! So unlike mine!

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25-Aug-12 6:50 pm

My DD's hair grows so fast.  I've had it cut a few times but it still kinda looks like a mad scientist.  I'm hoping that it will look better this time next year.  She won't let me put clips or bows in it to grow out her bangs. 

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28-Aug-12 8:37 pm
My dd1's hair is still kinda "baby-ish" and she's 5.5! The hair that frames her face and ears are shorter thinner/stringer than the rest of her hair but the back part is a little thicker and slightly more mature looking. I first trimmed it when she was 2, her hair was more curly when it was short and she was little.. Last year at 4.5 she got a "haircut" lol of you call it that but she went to a real salon to hae it done, I talked to the lady about how dd has NO natural part but with her thin front you have to part it on the side, she said I would have to seriously train it to make it "do anything". All I did was trim it to make the back even, it came to the middle of her shoulder blades. I didn't cut it again for an entire year, this year just before school again. Now her hair is at the bottom of her shoulder blades like where a bra line would be, I've made a far side part which makes the "thinner" front part look like sweeping bangs in front of her face and looks sooo cute! Her length seems to grow better now, however the front baby hair is slow to grow! Everyone's hair grows I cycles... It will have 2 years of growth two years of it being much slower to grow. The funny thig is not all of the hair will be in the same cycle which is what is happening with dd1's hair. So all I will do is keep it even and trimmed because what I've noticed with her hair is when I cut it and by cut Mean trim and even the length up not like a big drastic cut... It looks much thicker and much more healthy than just "letting it go". But both DH and I are fussy over our girls hair, and she definatly is so we spend a lot of time fixing it in the mornings and washing it. I blow dry her hair every night and depending on how it looks will add a heavy heat protector and may either straighten or curl it! Her hair has gotten progressively straighter as she has gotten older and I don't ever see her having curly hair! Dd2 is well bald! Haha!
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