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The ongoing twiddling of thumbs conversation: December edition

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9-Dec-10 7:43 am


Liams.mum - Are you looking forward to sharing this weekend?

Grace - I like to hear stories of siblings playing so well together.  I was an only child and was hoping not to have just one.  I would love to give my son a brother or sister and I think finally I will be able to do that with my DF.  And yes, we are planning a great weekend with the family and making the big announcement.  I expect to O tomorrow if I get my OPK+ today.  Yesterday it was almost as dark as the control line and my OPKs fade in gradually, so we'll be busy today and tomorrow.  Once I get those O pains I can confirm exactly when it's happened.

To the PG ladies - I hope you nausea and other symptoms subside soon.  I also hope you DHs are pampering you well!


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