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After 3 boys and 2 failed sways - IT'S A GIRL!!!!

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24-Nov-10 4:04 pm

NAME    Wishingforafairy
Gender Resulted   GIRL!!!
Swaying Attempt - Natural, EGS (TBM, SU, GDC, MSU), High Tech (IUI, IUI/MS), details?    Natural
CM Ph    4-5
DH Ph    Didn’t check
Douche type and when    5 ml  of lime douche ½ hour before BD, 3 ml 10 min after BD
Replens and when    Nope – used with last sway which resulted in boy
Big O    no
Calcium   : Calcium supps were making my ph rise, stopped them week of attempt – consumed natural calcium sources – kefir, yogurt, milk – which are all acidic to the body
Magnesium :   no
DH minerals:    Made DH stop calcium too
Dietary Changes:    Consumed ½ the calories I normally did.  Ate only off of the acidic forming food list I found at: - mostly scallops and fish.  Didn’t eat anything for breakfast but a small yogurt around 10am.  Ate ½ cup chocolate ice cream every night before bed.
Did you continue diet after attempt/ how long?:    4 days after O
Caffeine:    1 cup coffee/day – coffee is extremely acidic to the body
DH caffeine :   1 cup coffee/day
I also drank 2-3 caffeine free diet cokes every day – cola and aspartame are super acidic – also drank lots of crystal light daily - Also drank one glass of red wine nightly (also very acid-forming)   

Cranberry:    10-15,000mg fruit equivalent/day – WAY too many cranberry pills ?
Acidophilus:    None- researched this and acidophilus is very alkaline forming in the body – didn’t want to chance it
Sudafed:    Round the clock for 4 days around O
Others:    Natural progesterone cream O-BFP, vitamin B6 200mg every day the whole cycle.  Saw Palmetto up until CD 17  - had to stop cause it was causing O to be super delayed.
DH supps:    10-15,000mg fruit equivalent/day, crystal light

BD cutoff (# of days)    
BD thru O:    CD 13,14,15,16,18,19 (all in PM)
O+12 :   No – too sick of BDing!
Frequent BD/how many days    
Charting O with Temp   : Yes
Charting O with OPK  :  Yes
Fertility monitor used/type   : none
Suspected O date :   Early morning CD 20 (August 25th)
Oed in what moon phase:    Full moon, but in a strong girl phase of Pisces
Changed ions in other ways? :   Rock salt lamp I carried with me everywhere. It was on all night from CD 13-23 (drove DH nuts!).  Wore Hematite bracelets on both arms.  Tried to spend a lot time outdoors.  Was very hot/humid the days around O. Lavender lotion after every shower before BD  
How many kids do you have?    3
What gender(s)?    boys
# of months TTC    3
Your Age    34
BD position    missionary
Jump and dump    Kinda – waited in bed 10 min after BD, then got up
EWCM present/how much?    A little, not much at all.
DH undies type    Boxer briefs (which he hated! He is a boxer man)
DH hot bath/shower    Super hot bath right before BD every time.  I took hot shower also before every BD
OWT - anything under bed?    2 girl outfits


Cannot believe I got my girl!  Lowering my calories - specifically eating only acidic forming foods - was most important, sudafed round the clock, lime and super hot bath for DH before every attempt are what worked I think - I prayed a LOT too!


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24-Nov-10 4:08 pm

Happy CelebrateCongrats on hearing Baby Girl.

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Thank you God & IG.


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24-Nov-10 11:32 pm

Heartbroken August 2006

Baby GirlJuly 2007

Baby BoyJanuary 2009

Baby Boy Sept 2011 (Failed Sway)

Baby Boy Sept 29, 2013!!!!

will I ever have another Baby Girl :(

One more pink please :)

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26-Nov-10 5:18 am
Wow congrats! U give me hope!! X
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27-Nov-10 12:50 pm

Congratulations!!! What a wonderful blessing to be expecting your little pink joy!

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27-Nov-10 12:54 pm

9y 7y 6y
(twins) 4y
sweet baby angel in heaven Sept 19, 2006


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30-Nov-10 12:08 am
Thanks for sharing your SWAY!!! Congrats on your PINK BEAN!!!!!!! Very interesting info. ;)
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One more pink please :)

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30-Nov-10 4:39 am
wishingforafairy... I bd like you did so I am soooo hopeful that I have your luck xxxx
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1-Dec-10 3:36 pm

Congrats on your girl that is great news!

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6-Dec-10 12:49 pm

Great news! Congrats :)

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7-Dec-10 5:52 pm
Wahoo! huge congrats to you!
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3-Jan-11 10:29 am

 Thanks everyone! Still so surreal that I got to post a successful sway!

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3-Jan-11 11:19 am

 Fab news! Can I ask you a question - how did you make your lime douche? I made mine last month with a 1:2 ratio of lime to didtilled water and found it a pH of 2! Do you know if you can make it much weaker to get a higher pH? Everything else we did for first attempt was by the book and a conceived first time with my boy so I was just thinking I might be killing them all off with such a low pH!!

 Can anyone help?

 Thank you

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3-Jan-11 7:27 pm

 I did 1/3 lime to 2/3 water...sometimes 1/4 lime to 3/4 water.  I kept the ph at a 3.5-4.  The one I did after BD was always weaker

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Baby Girl May 10, 2011 - My family is complete! Link to my sway:


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10-Jan-11 7:29 pm

Just had a ?..... I heard having alot of bd would produce boys and not having as much would produce girls??? I'm really confused about that also are walnuts and pecans acidic?

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