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10-Dec-10 7:38 pm

 I know you all probably don't want to hear about my school woes, but this is the last time Worried. I am officially finished with my final and my classes. I should be happy I know and while I did manage to have no problems with writing 4 of the timed essays, the last one I REALLY struggled with (lack of information or explanation in both book and lecture plus question was not clear as to what it wanted at all). I did email the instructor as I usually do after an exam to give my opinion and I did give her my honest feelings about that question. The only thing I can hope is that others struggle with it as well and that she ends up curving the exam as that question alone was worth a huge chunk of the exam total. I am just nervous now as I have been maintaining a good grade in the class and not doing well on this could seriously take that from me. [:'(] I just feel I have worked to damn hard while taking care of everything else and being this pregnant to lose it over a class/final/instructor that has been nothing but a huge pain.

Oh well...nothing I can really do now about it. Going to try to relax now and look forward to tomorrow's fun with dd1. And then I'm going to spend Sunday (barring no trips to the L&D) baking cookies...yum!!

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