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4-Dec-10 7:17 am

 I'm still pregnant todayStick out tongue.  I acutally thought I would be done by now.  Everyone tells me to relax and enjoy this time, but that is easier said than done when you are contracting regularly but nothing is really changing.  I was actually able to sleep for one 4 hour strech last night before waking up.  I barely slept the night before though.  I have been trying the nipple stimulation off and on for the past couple of days trying to get things going quicker, but it doesn't seem to be working.  I was really frustrated yesterday since I had been having regular contrations from the night before until about 4 in the morning every 4-7 min, but then they eased up, I thought for sure I was going to go in over night on Thursday nightHmm.  Part of me is wondering if my body is so tired that it just can't keep it up.  I would try sex to help bring on the labor, but even the thought of it just hurts, poor hubby...  I feel like I complain all the time right now.   I hope you are all doing well, and those of you with your new little ones are enjoying your time.  Good luck to everyone.

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