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3-Dec-10 5:41 am

 I went into the doctor yesterday to have everything checked out again, I feel so parranoid at this pointHappy Wink  She did a check again and said there is just some discharge, but it is not fluid.  I'm not a good two centameters dialated.  She said that since I'm having regular contractions that if I make it through the weekend and go in on Monday she will strip my membrains then, and we can set a date for next week at the hospital to be induced if that doesn't work.  So we will have our baby by the end of next week.  She said she just can't do it right now, just in case my date is off she would feel really bad if she did something and there was something wrong with the baby.  I can totally understand where she is coming from and actually like her better for it.  My contractions picked up a little last night, every 5-6 min and kept me up most of the night.  I still have them this morning, but they are really not any closer together.  Hopefully they will pick up soon.  Hope everyone has a good day.

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