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180 bpm at 10w5d?

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22-Nov-10 5:08 pm

  I went in for my checkup and lil' babes heart was 180, seems soooo high. My other three have always been right around 140 to 160, never this high. 

Anyone else have babes heart rate this high?


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22-Nov-10 6:38 pm
Hey Missy. For this baby the heart rate was 176 at 9w4d. She said it was normal for this stage. I thought it seemed high too, but have been reading it's normal early on. It'll slow as babe grows. I have no idea what my others were at this point though.

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24-Nov-10 9:16 am

The first time we heard ds1's heartbeat was around 11 weeks at our first u/s and his was 182bpm.  He was dancing all around in there, lol.

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24-Nov-10 12:57 pm

Mine was the same around that stage, then had gone down at about 12 weeks. It still gets up to 172, but dr said its good :)

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24-Nov-10 4:03 pm
At 9 weeks my two were 177 and 172. 180 doesn't seem unusually high to me. I'm sure your doctor/midwife would have said something if they were concerned.

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24-Nov-10 4:16 pm

 Mine was also sitting at late 170's to early 180's at around 10 weeks

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28-Nov-10 11:07 am
One of the first time we heard Liam's heartbeat, it was 179. Maybe baby is just really active at the moment :)

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28-Nov-10 11:27 am

My 1st DD was always that high till the last tri.

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