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Whiteicequeen Girl Sway was a Sucess!!!

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19-Nov-10 11:03 am

NAME- Whiteicequeen
Gender Resulted- Swayed Baby Girl Confirmed Baby Girl
Swaying Attempt - Natural High Tech (IUI, IUI/MS), details?- N/A


CM Ph- 4.5 to 5.5
DH Ph- Unknown Never Tested
Douche type and when- N/A
Replens and when- Alittle after BD but used alot of Sylk as a Lube at every BD
Big O- None


Calcium- Yes Recommended Dose Plus Diet
Magnesium- Yes Recommended Dose Plus Diet
Potassium- Very Low
Sodium- Very Low. Only what was in the food
DH minerals- Same as Me. Except he took Calcium Citrate with Boron found info saying that it helps increase Girly Sperm.


Dietary Changes- Complete Diet change for me.  Dh only followed bits and just ate what I made him.  Very strict Girl Diet for 3 months
Did you continue diet after attempt/ how long?- Yes Continued till I got my BFP
Caffeine- None
DH caffeine- Yes


Drinks- Drank quite a bit of Peppermint Tea & Cyrstal Light
Supplements- Took Saw Palmento & DH took Licorice Root


Cranberry- Took recommended Dose plus dried fruit and Low sugar Fruit Juice
Acidophilus- None
Sudafed- Yes 1/2 hour before BD
Others- Recommended dose of Vit C, 40g Vit B6 per day.
DH supps- Calcium Citrate with Boron, Mangensium, Licorice Root, Vit C, Cranberry.


BD cutoff (# of days)-About 1 1/2 to 2 Day Cut Off
BD thru O- Yes Bd twice on O Day thought I hadn't O'd Yet.
O+12- Possible
Frequent BD/how many days- Bd every other day with release outside vj
Charting O with Temp- Yes Fertility Friend
Charting O with OPK- Yes used IC and CB Smiley Faces to confirm.
Fertility monitor used/type-
Suspected O date- 9th July According to Fertility Friend


Oed in what moon phase- Full
Changed ions in other ways?- Had a rose quatz bracelet with a fertility charm and a rose quatz stone under matress. Had a fan on by the side of my bed and a Lavender Plug In, Used lavender Bubble bath and shower gel. And cleaned the house used lavender cleaning products.  I went for walks in the warm summer weather and even got caught in the bad down pours of rain.  Bought a Girl Fertility spell on Ebay.


How many kids do you have?- 3
What gender(s)?- Boys
# of months TTC- 3
Your Age- 32
BD position- Missionary
Jump and dump- No
EWCM present/how much?- Very Little
DH undies type- Tight boxers
DH hot bath/shower- Before every BD
OWT - anything under bed?- Yes Rose Quartz Stone


   -  I am still amazed that it worked.  The diet was the main factor for me as my diet had changed completely.  I had cut out salt all together the only way I had it is if it was in the food that was on the diet.