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Lazy baby?

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17-Nov-10 9:29 am

This baby moves a lot less than my other kids did. Is that normal or should I be worried? could this just be my lazy baby? LOL

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17-Nov-10 10:15 am

Maybe you're just noticing it less?  The kicks I mean...I know now that I am on my 3rd that chasing after the first 2 make me not notice this little one as much until I am either trying to fall asleep at night or resting Happy Smile 

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17-Nov-10 10:07 pm

My little one was moving crazy these past two weeks but Monday rolled by and now I hardly feel anything. I was wondering the same thing and it makes me a little worried not feeling much movement all of the sudden. Maybe they're taking a time-out or sleeping more so they can grow. With every week there is less room as well. The only thing that makes me feel better is seeing my doctor every two weeks now instead of four. Glad to hear I wasn't the only one wondering about this.

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18-Nov-10 4:03 pm

It can definitely just be the baby and/ or where the placenta is.  DS1 was active, this one is active, DS2 was a very sedentary little blighter, I honestly very very rarely felt him throughout pregnancy.  It is stressful, I had forgotten until this one just how stressful, but this one, despite being my third and me therefore being even busier, each evening once I sit down regular as clockwork she starts kicking (or I'm quiet enough to actually notice it at any rate Stick out tongue )

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