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Welcome ~~~Joseph Kenneth

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13-Nov-10 8:45 pm

6 pounds~ 12 ounces... 19 inches

Born 11~13~10

he was about 5 weeks early!  he is doing great!

Full-size image


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13-Nov-10 8:46 pm


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13-Nov-10 8:47 pm

Congratulations... So great you had him early and he's doing so well!

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13-Nov-10 8:50 pm

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me if you can!

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13-Nov-10 8:52 pm
Congrats, he's beautiful! A great head of hair too!

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13-Nov-10 10:04 pm

 Baby Bear Boy

Due June 5th

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13-Nov-10 10:59 pm

 Adorable! Congrats Baby Bear Boy

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14-Nov-10 12:37 am


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14-Nov-10 12:49 am


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14-Nov-10 2:17 am

So sweetHearts Welcome Joseph!

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14-Nov-10 2:53 am

Congrats! What a cutie :) great weight for being 5 weeks early, too. Glad he's doing well!

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14-Nov-10 4:11 am

Congratulations Happy Celebrate

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14-Nov-10 7:48 am



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15-Nov-10 6:48 am

TY everyone for all the nice compliments...  Heart  Happy  LOL

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19-Nov-10 4:11 am
Congratulations!!! What a cutie!
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