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Ideas for a special gift for my 16 year old neice.

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13-Nov-10 3:36 pm

I was wondering if anyone could help me come up with something that I could give my neice that would show that I was thinking of her.

She was in an abusive relationship with some idiot guy . SHe is suffering from depression . SHe is on meds and in counceling.

She feels her whole famiy hates her. Not sure why. But I wanted to do something but I am at a loss.

Any ideas would be helpful.

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13-Nov-10 9:00 pm

makeover. Hair, nails, toes, make-up.  Maybe it will make her see how beautiful she is!!Heart

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13-Nov-10 10:25 pm
Spa day with you and her - where you can just hang out, and not try and force her to talk about the bad stuff, just relax =)
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28-Dec-11 4:29 am
She needs everyone's company at this time. It would be more than a gift for her. Don't let her feel alone.

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28-Dec-11 4:46 am
Aren't you a wonderful aunt! A lovely necklace or bracelet , love the idea of a makeover spa day!
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