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Just for fun...

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10-Nov-10 10:31 am

I thought we could all make a prediction about what date we think our little bundles will arrive (I know some ladies will already know the date due to having c-sections), their weight, and gender (if unknown).

Due date is 2nd Feb, but I'm guessing bubs will arrive on 6th Feb (my others were late)

I'm positive bubs is Baby Bear Boy, and he'll weigh 7lbs 6oz.

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10-Nov-10 12:27 pm
Sounds fun! Due Date Feb 27, Guessing baby will arrive Sun March 6th weight 7lbs 2oz Gender: girl!

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10-Nov-10 12:37 pm

we are due Feb 5th, but due to PTL I am going to guess Jan 7  2011. We are having a little Daisy Faith and I think she will be 5 lbs 4 oz and 19 inches long  

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10-Nov-10 1:10 pm
fun! ok, here is me...

i am due fed 24th but i think the baby will arrive on March 1st and s/he will weight 7lbs 6oz (hopefully less Happy). also i think it will be a boy but we obviously havent found out Happy

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10-Nov-10 2:34 pm

Despite having a c-section, I don't know the date and it is much more up for debate than is uaully the case!  The consultant wants me to have it at 38w by their dates, which is 24 Jan, I want to have it when I'm a few days overdue by my dates.  I think I'm due 13 Feb, so that gives a window of anywhere between 24 Jan and 13 Feb!

I'm going to go with 10 Feb (optimism that I will mainly win my argument!!), weighing 7 lbs 15 oz (my other babies were 8 lbs 6oz and 8 lbs 3 oz, so I'd love this one to be just that little bit lighter Stick out tongue).

I'm hoping its a girl, we have been told so twice, but we have a boy name and I have kept all the clothes, just in case!!


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10-Nov-10 7:11 pm
Fun!   My due date is February 5th, and I predict (or rather HOPE) that he will come promptly on his due date, and weigh in at 5lbs 6oz.  I got a gender scan and that along with my subsequent 20 week ultrasound confirmed that he is definitely a boy, so no surprise there lol.  Dates and weight are purely a shot in the dark for me, as this is my first baby so I have no previous ones to give me any indicator.
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11-Nov-10 11:21 am

My due date is 10th of Feb but probably going to have a scheduled c-section week 39 due to unusually shaped pelvis so probably around 3rd Feb.  Although I wouldn't mind this one coming a little early.  I overcooked my DS and the waiting around drove me nuts.  So a late January baby could be nice.

 I am expecting a girl and am going to guess around 8 pound.  My DS was 8.5 pound.

 Still deliberating on name but currently thinking either Hannah Isabella or Sophia Isabella.



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11-Nov-10 3:55 pm

Well I am due Feb 16, I am going to be scheduling a c-section but right now its up in the air as we have been though alot Preterm labor. So I want to have my C-section on Jan 21th at 36weeks and 2 days. But I am not sure how the twins or my body is going to act.

For the girl I am guessing weight at 6lbs 3oz and for the boy I am guessing weight at 6lbs 6oz.

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11-Nov-10 4:02 pm

My ate for my c/section is very soon so i know the date of birth and gender is a girl. I'll just guess on the weight 7lb 2oz

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12-Nov-10 3:19 am

Well my babies tend to be early...

I am due the 16th of feb.... and I will guess that my baby is born the 4th of feb

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13-Nov-10 2:56 pm

What a fun idea, well I am due 27th Feb, but by my dates march 2nd, and I am normally late, so I am guessing march 7th, weight 9lb6oz and hoping and praying a Girl.

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21-Nov-10 12:54 pm

Wow, so it's about 50/50 regarding being early or late.  Also it's crazy to think that with a couple of ladies predicting early Jan, and a couple predicting early March, there could be over 2 months between the first and last Feb births.

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9-Dec-10 7:58 am

daisyboo and tribe:

I'm positive bubs is Baby Bear Boy, and he'll weigh 7lbs 6oz.

As much as I think I am having a boy, I keep having really vivid dreams in which the baby is always a girl.  So excited, only 8 weeks to go until I find out!

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15-Dec-10 7:03 am

daisyboo and tribe:
I'm positive bubs is Baby Bear Boy, and he'll weigh 7lbs 6oz


Okay, so now I'm thinking my guess may be a little wrong.  Just had a growth scan at 33 weeks and bubs is approx 4lbs 9oz, so the tech estimated 8 lbs at term.  I don't think he'll be quite that though, or maybe just hoping that he'll stay at around seven and a half pounds lol.

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16-Dec-10 11:44 am

so here goes--

due the 14th feb but thinking jan 9th as have a family wedding and love my talor made outfit so reckon this being my 5th he's gonna not let me go!! typical manStick out tongue

also with the weight thing- i reckon 7 pounds but then at 3 weeks or so early prob more like 6 pounds - i'm thinking really long though as i am struggling to breath most days due to the feet in my ribs etc.

i love the fact only 1 person have estimated over 9 pounds we are so funny that we dont want big babies- i saw an 11 pounder today wow is all i could say to the mum and she said it was a breeze!!!!!!!



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