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Stargirl is having...


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Your boys are absolutely beautiful (even though they really look terryfyingly mischievious! Happy Wink

What a totally amazing person you are...., and how you "GET" me.... thank you. Hearts

I think I can live with being the "Princess" of the house and I will definately get used to the idea Happy  LOL.

I think the "loss" thing still exists even though you never had a baby girl in the first place. My husband put it so wonderfully last night, he said " It's the loss of your childhood dream and desire" ... I think he "gets" me too...Happy. So I think it's okay to feel it but you also need to deal with it as you would with any other loss you experience.Happy Wink What makes this experience a bit easier to handle. I think is that with the loss also comes a BIG reward, even though it's not your dream "little girl", you still get to hold that squirmy beautiful little miracle in your arms and there's no bounds to the evergrowing love one experience for the rest of your life.

Thanks again for your support and warm wishes yas, I'm sure that whatever happens at your scan will turn out to be an absolute blessing that you will never ever forget!




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