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What toys....

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7-Nov-10 1:48 am
Do your little ones enjoy playing with? Olivia puts everything in her mouth so I basically just bought her teether s and rattle's. She has a swing and a baby walker ( with wheels) wondering I anyone can recommend a toy she'd just love.
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7-Nov-10 4:06 pm

 One of those arches that can be put over the baby while their on the floor is great.  We also have a bouncer (or 3), 2 exersaucers, 2 swings, a playmat, and a bunch of rattles and stuff.  Actually, Wal-Mart has a bunch of little rattles for like $2 that Riley loves.  My best suggestion is to go to a daycare, and ask them what they suggest.  We really never had a bunch of toys until after Eli turned 1.  So, we still have the sames stuff from him.  

For Christmas, I was thinking of getting Riley a Sing-a-ma-jig.  I thought he'd like that.

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9-Nov-10 9:27 am

Blonde Baby:

 One of those arches that can be put over the baby while their on the floor is great. 

Yep Rowan loves his playmat with the arches too... he lays there grabbing at his toys while squeeling and kicking like crazy!

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9-Nov-10 1:16 pm

Ricky loves his jumperoo the best of all.  It's one of the free standing ones - he can bounce in there for a long time without getting bored.  As far as little stuff, he also has a stuffed frog with plastic feet - that's his favorite to gnaw/drool all over.


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10-Nov-10 11:48 am

Elle too loves her playmat with the arches, we have a Fisher Price zoo one, and she loves her Jumperoo as well. She is content for quite awhile with those and I just picked her up some soft baby books and rattles that make that crinkle noise. She is really into the lovely loud crinkle sound right now Stick out tongue

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