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This is too cute, I HAVE to share

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6-Nov-10 12:18 pm

My two sons are playing with trains and my 4 yr. old tells me he loves his brother, and then starts singing this song that goes, "Brothers together, friends forever" and those are the only lyrics we have for it, lol. So anyways, Reina starts dancing to him singing, and Nic says, "But Reina doesn't have a playmate" and I said, "Ah, I know. She doesn't have a sister..." and Nic thinks for a second and then says, "But that's Ok Mom. I will be her friend". Love Ya! 



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6-Nov-10 12:20 pm

Love Ya!


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6-Nov-10 12:22 pm

 Awwww how adorable Love Ya!

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6-Nov-10 12:23 pm


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6-Nov-10 12:26 pm

Awww what a sweet boyHearts

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6-Nov-10 12:27 pm
aww, how sweet!

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7-Nov-10 5:19 am

So sweet Love Ya!

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7-Nov-10 5:24 am



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7-Nov-10 6:24 am

 That is very sweet.

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7-Nov-10 6:27 am


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9-Nov-10 11:27 pm

 awww!!! soo cute Love Ya!

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9-Nov-10 11:35 pm

 SO sweet!!  Your kids sound so lovely. Hearts

I love that your boys have a "brothers" song!

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29-Dec-11 4:08 am
This is lovely. True dedication for each other. Great.

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