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anyone losing weight in these last few weeks?

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6-Nov-10 9:14 am

I am!  It's not a lot, but I'm not gaining anymore, and I would say in the last few weeks I have lost about 3 lbs. or so.  It's so weird, hope everything ok.  I remember the lamaze coach one telling me that this might happen towards the end, but I never bothered to ask her why.  Anyone else have this happen, what do you think would cause it?



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6-Nov-10 10:17 am

 IDK the reason, but I have lost 2 pounds last week!


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6-Nov-10 12:23 pm

 I have lost about 5lbs over the last 10days!

I have put it down to my morning sickness coming back and evening nausea, as I just haven't wanted to eat!

Also my body has been "clearing out" 4-5times a day (sorry if that is TMI, so again I am guessing this is another reason why!

Glad to hear I am not the only one!!!! 

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10-Nov-10 9:50 pm
I have really not gained any in the last 3 weeks although I did gain throughout the rest of pregnancy. I think that is normal at the end?

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11-Nov-10 12:32 am

I lost 5 pounds. My doctor sent me to the ultrasound to check the baby's weight. 2 weeks ago they told me that the baby was 5,7 pounds and expected weight at the birth is aproximately 7 pounds. Yesterday I had another one and they told me that the baby is almost 9 pounds already.

I am due in 2 days, I am scared.

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