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Getting scared of DG???

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5-Nov-10 8:37 am


I seriously dont' think I have to worry about this, because I've convinced myself that I won't have a girl. But I'm gettin' scared now of the 'what if'.. Is this normal? All my life, I have dreamed and cried for her. Last night, I was sitting in the middle of my son's basketball game. I was sitting there with my back hurting and nauseated, but so excited to watch my lil' guy play. Then it got close to half time and all the "girl moms" had to rush off to get their lil cheerleaders and dance team members ready for their performance.. I sat there with the dads and brothers as I usually do and enjoyed watching the remainder of the quarter without all the crowding that was there before.. It was nice. And I thought "if this is my girl, I'll be rushing off and fighting with my DD to get all dressed up.." It kinda hit me. I want a daughter, but I don't know if it's gonna be "me"... Just thought I'd vent.. I am so indecisive. 

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5-Nov-10 8:47 am

Let me just say that my mom never rushed off to get me dressed for cheerleading routines....she was hauling my catching equipment out of the car right alongside my dude pals moms. Stick out tongue If you've got a girl in there, you'll love every second of everything she does. My girls are funny, one is a little dancer and so girly, and the second one is a little tomboy/comedienne/pianist who prefers jeans and combat boots to ballet slippers. And they are both super awesome! Now me, of course, I want to sit at games and watch a son play too....but I bet I'll get to do that either way, as my girls will probably try sports out and follow in my footsteps at some point.

I know how you feel with the what ifs....just smile and enjoy your sons and your pregnancy! #3 is going to be another love of your life, whatever your bean is.

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6-Nov-10 5:41 am

#3 is going to be another love of your life, whatever your bean is.


I was watching fireworks last night at a big display with my eldest.  For some reason I tear up at fireworks, they're just so beautiful.  I was wondering what my life will be like this time next year.  I don't believe that my little smurf is a girl, but dh is enjoying being delusional for the last time ever, but I keep him in check lol.  I'm sure whatever we get we'll fall in love just like we did with our other children.  It'll be lovely to get our DG, but I guess we'll survive if we don't as we do love being boy mum's!!  Hugs xx

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As a parent, my boys are my world and my attempting to TTC pink was not a reflection on them or the love I have for them, I simply ached for a daughter to complete our family!!  However after 10 months I'm ready for my 3rd and final child NOW!!  I just want to be pregnant.  Swaying just didn't work for us, which makes me sad, but I'm glad we tried.  I'm scared I can't have a baby at all and that is the most important thing now, a healthy pregnancy and birth of my last child.

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Onto Cycle 10 ... in the 2ww @ 30/08/10 - 2nd cycle after 2nd m/c.  Can't believe where this journey has taken me.  Never imagined I'd not be pg by now and have 2 mc's too.  I will sway this month because I cannot let go of the dream just yet.  However, I really want to be holding my baby in my arms next summer and time is running out.  Come on sticky bean, this is our month.  Let's hope it's a pink one!! Hearts

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6-Nov-10 12:52 pm


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7-Nov-10 8:36 am

Halah, I am EXACTLY like you with the feminism....I was hellbent on not having a single Barbie or Disney princess or even an Easy Bake Oven in my house. My girls were to be raised in a manner that never let them feel that they had to be this or do this because they were female. Well. They figured out about Barbies and Princesses from preschool. And they got some, and they play with them just like any boy plays with his trucks and Spiderman and whatnot....but my youngest also likes cars a lot. They both love to cook, but we do that as a family, with DH...they don't think it is a "woman's job." I guess my point is that your child will love what they do, of course, BUT your influence, the way you teach them about the world around them (like me saying, "You know, real people don't have bodies like this. But, this is the way Barbies have been made for years. Funny, huh?") makes a huge difference! And I don't mean that in a brainwashing kind of way, more of a teaching them the way the world really is way.

I know how you girls feel, though, because I am the opposite, no boys, just girls....which I never thought I'd have. I get nervous that if I had a boy that I wouldn't want to play truck and boy stuff with them, because I love playing with my girls and understand their interests. But, let me say, I am sure that if you have girls in there, they will LOVE having big brothers so protected they will feel. Not to mention, they will be the apple of eveyone's eye in a postive way, and learn a lot about men before they venture out into the harsh world of dating! Just don't be nervous, you will be the same awesome mom to this kid, girl or boy, that you already are. You all will navigate the world of Barbies and such with ease, I promise!

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9-Nov-10 7:56 pm

Hey soooblessed, just wrote you a message and it said that there was an error so sorry if you get it twice.  Was just looking on here to see how you are doing, good to see you are still posting. How far are you now? Any morning sickness etc?  We are doing good, still pottering along and are 22 and a half weeks now.  So happy that we seem to be doing as we should be Happy Smile  Have started to feel more kicks which is nice and reassuring after our start with this preg.

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