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Oh, Hello, week 7! How I remember you....

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3-Nov-10 10:05 am

DZ Amanda:
Sorry you're sick! Did anything seem to help during your other pregnancies? I hope you get some relief soon... Love Ya!

 Yeah...a touch of protein every 2 hours, and making sure my diet has good B-vitamins and plenty of hydration has always helped.  I got a huge bag of raw almonds to munch on between appointments, and that held me through lunch yesterday.  I just need to remember to be proactive, and not go too long without a little protein. Preventing m/s is soooo much easier than trying to fix it once I'm feeling icky.  When I let myself get hungry.... I feel SO ill. 

 Today, started my morning with a green smoothie with protein powder.  It's amazing how much difference diet makes!

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