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do you get the feeling that mixed gender moms...

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 pity you and feel more superior in some way? seems like some of them i know go out of the way to talk about their darling daughters more than normal when im around or have some pride in their voice when they say 'well i have one of each'

 Makes me feel like a failure in so many ways and one of the 'unlicky ones' to be pitied, around to make mixed gender kids moms feelmore fantastic then they already do :( maybe i wouldnt have GD if this wasnt the case... x

 I don't...i had not seen this until i found this site IG a few years ago. Each child is a blessing from God and our plans are not his plans for our life:) I have several friends with one gender. And I know people i grew up with who came from a one gender family and they have blessed their parents with that "other gender" they always wanted or even that "3rd or 4th" child they never had. My mother always wanted another child and regreted her tubal after her second child was born....she delights in my 5 so much now. I am already looking forward to this joy of one day having (Gods will) many many grandbabies to love on Hearts   

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