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What do I do if this baby turns out to be a GIRL?


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18-Dec-07 7:15 pm

I would definitely hold on until at least past 16wks to know the gender. The angle of dangle......... just isn't accurate. it's already a 50/50 guess so of course, half of the time, they are correct and the other half, they are wrong. I've just seen too many wrong to ever go by gender around that time.

I think it's ridiculous that some doctors/u.s techs are giving mom's this info so early on! then probably wondering why we are torn when we find out it's the opposite sex later on. One of the reasons why you see a lot of wrong u/s gender results now. Not only that, the techs and doctors probably aren't aware how much gender means to some of us. So voicing an opinion or guess early on, isn't that big of a deal to them as it is to us :)

hang in there!!!! I hope you get your blue bundle when you see him again on tv :)

sending my dust your way!!

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