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Need some advice on this husband issue...[:(]

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31-Oct-10 11:38 pm
What do you do when your husband blames anything you do or say on your pregnancy?

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1-Nov-10 6:24 am

 4 or 5 more months! lol What ever is left. i was always so hormonal when pregnant! I had, what the hubby calls, THE LAUGH CRIES=) :( LOL I would either laugh and cry or cry and laugh. Good luck! xXx   

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1-Nov-10 3:56 pm

Hmmmm.  I think it would depend on how serious I thought he was being, and how persistent it was!  EG the other day I was looking for DS1's shoes, hunting for them and DH said 'they're right there by the shoe cupboard - has that baby stolen your few remaining brain cells??' He and DS1 were literally falling over they were laughing so hard.  The thing is, we were all cracking up as it was really very funny when I cna't have been more than a metre from them!  Not sure I'd find it quite so amusing if he kept coming up with 'funny' comments like that though Confused

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1-Nov-10 4:01 pm

Well I start crying more LOL. but ya I just yell at him and he leaves me alone

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2-Nov-10 8:44 am

 Aren't husbands just wonderful...Hmm  Really that is how my husband is too. If I am grumpy, he says what do you and the baby want to eat. Or if I cry he laughs and says everything will be back to normal soon. I honestly don't think they can understand what happens when you go through a pregnancy. That is why they don't have babies. I normally get very angery with him and in a couple minutes it is over. Just roll with it or laugh about it. At least we can blame hormones for now. LOL

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