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Our baby is here (birth story and pics)


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30-Oct-10 12:21 pm

We had been having a few problems with reduced movements for a few weeks, i went back to the hospital on Thursday night (28th) babys heartbeat was at 180bpm for over 2 hours so doctors decided along with the reduced movements it was best to get baby out, so they asked us to come back in on the Friday morning at 8am to be induced. Before we left they gave me a sweep which gave me irregular contractions all night.

We went in yesterday at 8am but they were soooo busy we ended up waiting around for hours to be seen, i was put into a room at around 3pm and the doctor examined me at around 3.45, i was 4cm dilated but not having any regular contractions so they broke my water, i started contracting around 10 minutes later, the contractions came thick and fast, i could feel the urge to push almost immediately but when the midwife examined me at 5.05 i was only at 6cm.

I used a little bit of gas and air but i was so sick it wasn't doing me any good. the next couple of contractions were very powerful and i just couldn't resist the urge to push, and then she was there!! 2nd stage happened so fast is it noted down on my birth notes as 0.00 minutes, lol. So at 5.25 pm 29th oct our baby girl arrived weighing 7lbs exactly!!

The labour was very painful but was only 1 hour 45 minutes so it was manageable! i am glad it's all over and she is here safely.

We are home now and the boys are so in love with her Hearts

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30-Oct-10 12:26 pm


Full-size image


Baby Boy 10/04 Baby Boy 11/06 Baby Boy 06/08  Heartbroken 11/09 Heartbroken 01/10 our 1st Baby Bear Girl arrived on 29/10/10 @ 17.25 weighing 7lbs Hearts


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30-Oct-10 12:33 pm

 Congratulations Hearts

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30-Oct-10 1:03 pm

Congrats! She is so cute!!

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30-Oct-10 1:10 pm

She is so cute, gemma! Congratulations!Happy Smile

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30-Oct-10 1:13 pm
She is beautiful. Congrats Gemma and family. Hearts
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30-Oct-10 1:13 pm

 Oh, she is absolutely adorable!! What a fast labor too--wow! Enjoy your sweet baby girl!


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30-Oct-10 2:02 pm

Congratulations on your lovely girl!

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30-Oct-10 2:12 pm

Congratulations! Hearts


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30-Oct-10 2:16 pm

Congrats on your baby girlHearts


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30-Oct-10 2:20 pm

She is so adorable and cute

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30-Oct-10 2:25 pm

 Congratulations, she is beautiful!

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30-Oct-10 2:27 pm

yay congratualtions!!! She's gorgeous. Hearts

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30-Oct-10 2:49 pm

 Congratulations!!  She's beautiful! Hearts

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30-Oct-10 3:00 pm
Omg pics just made me gasp! What an adorable little thing!! She is beautiful and well done you, sounds like you coped so well with the stress and fast labour! Did I miss where you posted her name? Best of luck settling in. X

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