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Being Induced TOMORROW!!!!! YAAAAAY

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29-Oct-10 11:03 am

I was originally told nov. 2nd...and i couldn't stop crying.  I wanted her to be born in October sooooo bad.  Well this morning i got a call from my OB office saying there was a cancellation and it was moved up to tomorrow! YAYYYY I should mention i received the phone call AFTER taking 3 tbs. of castor oil LMAO.  I was desperate for an October baby!  So now i'm not feelin' too hot.  But at least I'll be good and cleaned out for tomorrow! :)

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29-Oct-10 2:58 pm

ooh i've been tempted to take the castor oil, but too afraid LMAO Stick out tongue  gl tomorrow!! Good Luck Clover

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