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I am still here....20 week u/s

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29-Oct-10 10:59 am

Just thought I'd pop in and let you all know I am still around....



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29-Oct-10 11:26 am

I wish I had more insight into your questions....hopefully some of the experts will weight in.  I just wanted to say thank God for right now that most everything looks good.  I am so glad that you do not have to deal with a NTD again.  I wonder if being a week behind is that big of a seems like my kids were all over the place in that department...they never measured right on.  I don't know.  I hope and pray all works out for you.  I can fully understand your hesitancy to perform an amnio...I hope you get the answers you need and then you will be able to relax!  BIG BIG hugs your way!  I really think all is good though..:)


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29-Oct-10 11:35 am

At this point, what would the amnio tell you that would cause you to do anything at this point?  You are not going to terminate, doc says she looks fine, so it seems like the risk of the amnio with the placenta issues and bleed you have already have is just not worth it.  Measuring small is no big deal. 

I would just leave it alone and go for monitoring like he said.


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29-Oct-10 11:54 am

 If I were you, I would not do the amnio.  I wouldn't want to risk a miscarriage or other complications, no matter how slight the chance.  You've made it so far, and it sounds like they're pretty confidant there are no neural tube problems, so that is great news.

 I've had two small for gestational age babies and most likely this one will be too (they are monitoring me very closely, as they did with my boys).  Both my boys ended up perfectly healthy, just very tiny and skinny!  With my first they said my placenta was unusually small.  Don't know why, don't know how to prevent again, and don't know for sure that's why baby was so small but probably why.  May just be the way my body makes babies!  PM me if you would like more details or want to talk more about it.  Any issue can make you nervous (it did me!), but most likely everything will turn out perfectly fine!

ETA:  the only thing they did differently for babies #2 and #3 after my first SGA baby was have me take one baby aspirin per day throughout my entire pregnancy (stopping it just a few weeks before due date).  Apparently there are some studies that indicate it can increase blood flow to the placenta, thus helping provide more nutrients to the baby.  My baby #2 was slightly larger than baby #1, so maybe it did help.  They also make me start eating tons (milkshakes, ensure, etc.) toward the end so that baby is sure to be getting enough nutirition to fatten up :)  And 1 week behind could be nothing - baby could catch up on her own for sure.  My first was measuring 4 weeks behind for the last two months of my pregnancy.  And as long as they continue to progress, even if small, they'll leave em in and not induce early.

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29-Oct-10 12:03 pm
So pleased to see your update and that your scan went well. I think it's a difficult decision to make but do think you should take confidence in the fact you did 12 probe. Good luck and keep us updated with your pregnancy.

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29-Oct-10 1:01 pm


Glad baby looks good this time around!! Hooray for no NTD's!!

As for amnio, I would not do it. Just me, but being a week behind is not a super panicky thing for me. Could be the placenta, could be the meausurements are a tiny bit off (they are +/- 2 wks!!), or just could be a small baby.

I would not risk it personally....but that is me.

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29-Oct-10 1:22 pm

 I agree... I wouldn't risk the amnio, particularly with the placenta issues.  It sounds like they got a pretty good look at things and feel confident that all is okay.  

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29-Oct-10 4:05 pm

Thanks everyone!  



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