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Three Greatest Boys (by Anonymous)

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22-Jul-05 12:54 am
I am so sorry to hear how you feel and still feel after having your third little boy. I will tell you my story. I have three of the greatest boys ever!! With my 1st and 2nd sons I found out at my early ultrasound that they were male. I have to say that I cried a lot for a few days after I found out that my 2nd baby was male. But about a week I knew I would love him just as much as my 1st sweetie. (which by the way my 2nd son and I have a bond like no other!!) When I became pregnant with number 3 I did not find out the sex in fear that I would be devastated. And let me tell I told everyone that if it turned out to ba a boy I would just die!!! Well on Mar 1st 2004 out he came!!!He is the most beautiful little guy!!! I can't kiss him enough!! Sure I still feel bad that I may never have a little girl, but I know that god gave me the greatest gifts of all, MY THREE SONS.
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