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Pretty sure a boy?? 17wk. what do you guys think??

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24-Oct-10 11:47 pm

was hoping for a girl im pretty sure its a boy tho? what do you guys think?



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24-Oct-10 11:50 pm

Baby Bear Boy for sure

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24-Oct-10 11:54 pm

 another potty shot

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24-Oct-10 11:55 pm

 yeah i thought so i just was hoping for a girl lol but looks for a fact a boy haha 

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25-Oct-10 12:02 am
probably boy
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25-Oct-10 12:20 am

I'd have to agree Baby Bear Boy

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25-Oct-10 1:43 am




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25-Oct-10 2:09 am

Baby Bear Boy

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25-Oct-10 2:17 am

Baby Bear Boy

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25-Oct-10 9:38 am

Baby Bear Boy

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25-Oct-10 9:41 am


Baby Bear Boy


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