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Yay, I have done my first bit of organising!

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24-Oct-10 1:24 pm

A friend of mine dropped off several carriers or her daughter's clothes for me to take what I wanted, which hs given me the kick up the bottom I needed to start sorting!  So I sent DH up into the loft, taking with him the high chair as DS2 has now just stopped using it and some odds and sods fot both boy's memory boxed and h bought down our storage bag of newborn and 0-3 stuff.  I spent X-factor last night (all 2 odd hours of it - UK Surprise sorting through it all - I have put all the very boy-like stuff in bags in a cupboard (I will keep it until the birth - just in case!!), and have now got it all neatly unpacked, with the nwborn stuff on the main shelves and 2 labelled piles of 0-3 and 3-6 months.  Yay me!! Happy  LOL

It may not sound much, but I have been worried about the fact I literally had done nothing!  We also scrubbed mould off the boys bedroom wall, for a dehumidifier and took the bars off DS2's cotbed so all in all it has been a very practical, but progress-filled weekend.

 Next up for next weekend is having a go at potty-training DS2.  Not sure if it will work but he always wees in the loo before his bath and today he asked to do a poo on the loo, which is actually more than DS1 ever managed before we trained him at about 2.5.  With DS2 I figure its probably either now or not for about 6 months i.e. until a fair way after the birth...

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25-Oct-10 1:17 pm

Wow, that's very impressive dinkie, nesting must have well and truly kicked in for you x 

I've washed all tiddlers first size clothes, but won't bother with anything else until we find out on DD what flavour the little monkey is (still convinced it's another blue one).  Moses basket and stand have now been bought and assembled, and have started building up packs of maternity pads, breast pads and disposable knickers etc, and the travel mini's (body wash, bubble bath etc) to take into hospital.  That's pretty much it now, as I've got my Christmas head on, so any more stuff to do for bubs now will have to wait until Jan.  I sent off for my HIP grant earlier in the week, so hopefully that will arrive soon!

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25-Oct-10 3:21 pm

Ooh, you're doing really well!  I haven't washed any of it yet, will leave that until right near the end so Jan I think.  The bassinet and stand are still in the loft along with all the feeding stuff (breastpump, steriliser, milk storage bags plus umpteen bottles and wotnot just in case!) and pretty much all the baby stuff *except* clothes Happy LMAO  Travel minis is a good idea Agree

 I think I'm there with Christmas actually, at least present-wise.  I am planning to wrap it all this weekend so I can double-check that we have everything but hopefully that will be me done - apart from food shopping Confused

I don't see my midwife between 16 weeks and 28 weeks, so still another 3 weeks to go before I get my HIP grant form signed or my Mat 1B for work *rolleyes smiley*

I am definitely feeling much more organised generally than I was a month ago - I think having mine and DS2's birthdays done has helped massively with clearing my mental 'to sort' list.

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27-Oct-10 9:13 am

 well done!! It's a nice feeling when you start getting organised isn't it? :) I'm trying to get as much done as possible now, as November we have both boys birthday and doing big parties for them, thanksgiving, our anniversary, then of course Christmas. Must say i am starting to get very tired already though lol

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