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*UPDATE HE'S HOME* He's Here w/ Pics!

My Family is now COMPLETE

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23-Oct-10 12:15 pm

I was on hospital bedrest since 10/21/10, already got 2 steroid shots to mature babys lungs, had antibiotics and at the time I was 3 cm and 50% effaced. 2 hours ago my water broke but there are no contractions. They want to keep baby in until 34 weeks so 1 week and 3 days to go. DD3 was born at 32 weeks as well, so if this is the similar experience then labor will probably start in 1-2 days. Will keep everyone updated.

UPDATE: I gave birth on 10/24/10 @ 739 am PST. He was born at 32w5d. Weight: 3 lbs. 15.5 oz. Length: 17.5 in. We changed his name at the last minute to Brendon Dre Kalani. He is doing fine and breathing room air. Will post pics when I get home.

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23-Oct-10 12:24 pm

Praying for you and baby, I hope that everything goes smoothly and that you and baby is healthy.Wishing you the best of luck.

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23-Oct-10 12:33 pm
Oh wow, I hope everything goes well for you & baby!! Fingers crossed he stays in there a little longer. Good luck! Good Luck CloverHearts
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23-Oct-10 12:40 pm

Man, you December girls just don't wanna wait!!

Good LuckGood Luck Clover

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23-Oct-10 1:34 pm

Praying for you!!! Hearts


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23-Oct-10 2:11 pm

 I totally restate that December people stuff I'm like another one wants to see us early what is going on and my partner told my little one to stay in till December and wait patiently. LOLZ! I'm sure you'll be okay yet lots of luck and prayersLove Ya!

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23-Oct-10 2:32 pm

Pray for you and baby Mason!

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23-Oct-10 5:20 pm

Im due in December and my water broke at 30 weeks 3 days so I completely know what you are going through. Ive been on hospital bedrest for 3 days now. Hoping to make it to 34 weeks as well! Ive started having contractions pretty close together tonight, Im hoping they stop soon. Ill be praying for you and your family!!! Pray

Keep me updated on how you and baby are doing please!

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24-Oct-10 4:55 pm

Congratulations! Wishing you, Brendon and the family all the best.

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24-Oct-10 5:22 pm

Love Ya!


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24-Oct-10 5:26 pm

CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR NEW LITTLE BOY! I cannot wait to see pics! Happy Smile

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24-Oct-10 5:32 pm
Wow! Can you December ladies wait your turn pls?! ;-) ha ha I'm sure you would if you could... Many congrats and best of luck to you all. Can't wait to see some photos. X

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24-Oct-10 6:11 pm

I cant wait to see pics, am wishing you the best of luck

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24-Oct-10 6:24 pm

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24-Oct-10 6:33 pm

WOW!!! I'm so glad he is doing well! Can't wait to see your beautiful baby boy!!

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