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Nuchal scan at 13wks, 6d

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30-Oct-10 8:09 pm

Hubby and I just had a private gender scan (appt at 4:30) today. U/S tech was very thorough. At first, baby was not in a good position so she made me take a walk back and forth to the bathroom to move the baby around. We tried it again .... still not in a good position so she got me to flip to one side and then got up and marched around again. Our baby wanted to keep us guessing. After 15 mins, baby was finally in a good position and we saw THREE LINES AND NO SCROTUM!!!! U/S tech said that she would give me 90% GIRL. I even asked her to triple check for scrotum development (made my poor hubby sweat). Here's two u/s pics for gender ID.... U/S techs out there, do I have your 90% girl blessings too????


GIRL UPSIDE DOWN POTTY SHOT.... a bit blurry, but we saw three lines on monitor.

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