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Who's due first?

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31-Oct-10 6:19 pm

I think I might be the first Nov. birth, but sort of by default Stick out tongue  My due date (at least going by last menstrual) was Oct. 29th so the dr. and I have been going by that.  Although when I calculated it based on the day I think I conceived, I got a due date of Halloween- today which I don't want, and doesn't look like will happen unless she comes in the next 6hrs. all of a sudden Happy Wink  But based on first u/s I was given a due date of Nov. 1st but have going by the Oct. 29th one since the dr. was going by that one.

Well tomorrow is my last and final dr. appt. (thought it was the last one last week, but nope 1 more!) and Tuesday I get induced.  so this baby will be born between now and Tuesday night, unless I have a realllllyyyyy long labor and go into the wee hours of Nov. 3rd, but I don't think that will happen since I'm already 4cm but u never know...  I'm going in at 6:30am Tues.Happy Sunshine  Hoping tomorrow when I get checked, I've dilated even further past a 4 though and she sends my butt straight over to the hospital, wouldn't that be nice! Stick out tongue

 Our family is COMPLETEHearts Thank you God!!