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IMP Question for charliecats

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18-Oct-10 7:53 am


I got BFP on 10 Oct and I am 6 week Pregnant now .My LMP was 8 Sep .

I am very curious to Know the sex of baby I am Trying for boy.I saw on the forum that If u implant on left its girl and if on right its boy.:))) And  same applies with the placenta..I read that the placenta moves after certain weeks of implanation...And U can see all this by Scan

So My question was ..When exactly the placenta starts moving.???  I mean which is the last week to know the first position of placenta..?? I have not done the scan yet and DR have called me for scan on 13 Nov which will be my 9th week???  Can i know that time which side I implanted and which side is the placenta...?? Or U think I should go early??

Thanks in advance

I have seen u helping lots of ladies on forum .Hope to hear from u soon