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June 2011 Due Dates

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12-Oct-10 6:22 pm

This is a list so we can keep track of everyone who's due and when.


Happy CelebrateDue in JUNE Happy Sunshine

Gabby - June 2nd - PrayBaby Girl
L&DnurseThininPink- June 6 - PrayBaby Girl
DZ Amanda - June 6th -Baby Girl or Baby Boy
First_time_mummy - June 11th - PrayBaby Boy
Halah - June 12th - Baby Girl or Baby Boy CONFIRMED Baby Boy
babyeden08 - June 12th
Candy_Cane - June 12th - PrayBaby Girl
Dragonfly*3* - June 13th
Missyslair - June 15th - PrayBaby Girl
Rina - June 15th - PrayBaby Boy
ThreeLittleStars - June 15th - PrayBaby Boy
has321 - June 16 - PrayBaby Boy
PoppyPea - June 16th - PrayBaby Girl
Butterflywings - June 17th - PrayBaby Girl
Ready-for-another!!- June 18th
Miss-Barbie - June 18th - PrayBaby Girl
Random - June 19th - PrayBaby Girl
Mrs_Incredible - June 20th - PrayBaby Girl
Payat - June 20th
OperationG - June 20th - PrayBaby Girl
Equinox - June 21st -PrayBaby Girl
Luvmybebe- June 21st
Brat23- June 21st- PrayBaby Girl
TwoMenAndALady - June 21st -PrayBaby Girl
MarieClaire - June 21st - PrayBaby Girl
Star-30 - June 23rd - PrayBaby Girl
trulyblessed - June 23rd
trishalinn - June 24th - PrayBaby Girl
Seaspryte - June 24th - PrayBaby GirlorBaby Boy
BabyBobadoo - June 25th -PrayBaby Girl
aroundtheworld - June 25th
up4alaugh - June 26th - PrayBaby Girl
soooblessed - June 26th - PrayBaby Girl
Photographer - June 26th - PrayBaby Girl
reves - June 28th - PrayBaby Girl
Dreamsgoneawry - June 29th - PrayBaby Girl

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SummersTurn -



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13-Oct-10 6:56 am

 Could i be added please Happy Smile My due date is 23rd June by lmp.

,,, ,(shettles opposite,3 day cutoff), 

And another  Baby born june 2011

  my failed girl sway that resulted in another beautiful baby boy

Heart Now done have children, hoping for many grand-daughters Heart


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13-Oct-10 9:16 am
Could I also be added? I just tested today @13 dpo. My due date is June 24. I'm praying for a girl, but I'll happy to have another boy too. Though my due date is June 24, I'm totally expecting this baby to come the end of May since both of my others were 5 weeks early.

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13-Oct-10 2:12 pm

I'm due June 18!

Baby Boy Baby Boy Baby Boy Heartbroken x3 and surprise Baby Girl (02/2012)

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13-Oct-10 9:38 pm

I'm due 17th june




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14-Oct-10 12:01 pm

]IM LOL over all those who are PrayBaby Girl I had no idea there were so many of us! I ask God, The Universe, and All Things Unknown to please bless us all with our Healthy Gender of Choice! And please sned babies to all the IG ladies who are desperately trying for a family!

Baby Boy Baby Boy Baby Boy Baby Boy


Hugs VioletI am going to go confidently in the direction of my dreams. And I am going to Live the life I  have always imagined. -Jackie the (FORMER) SwayniacHugs Violet

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14-Oct-10 2:19 pm

Hi there. Please add me:26th June.

Thanks and congratulations everyone! Praying for sticky beans!

Baby Boy2002     Baby Boy2004  swayed for a Baby Girl. Baby Baby Girl born 25.6.11!!! Praise God! and thanks to all the amazing girls on in-gender too. Hearts casual footwear girl glitter playhouse shoes

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14-Oct-10 6:51 pm

soooblessed - June 26 - Pray Baby Girl

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Thank you God for all my blessings.....Hearts

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16-Oct-10 2:59 pm

 I'm due June 19th and FX for a Baby Girl

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16-Oct-10 8:14 pm

Hi Ladies,

I am due June 16.  I would love to join the group.  So great to have so many of us due in June. 

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Baby Girl09-27-06

Baby Girl07-14-09

Baby Boy06-13-11  Thanks to IG for all the help getting our little boy!

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17-Oct-10 3:10 pm

Hey guys!

I'm a little late getting around to joining but I am due June 6!!!  Didn't sway but a girl would be nice!

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18-Oct-10 1:37 am


Could I please be added I am due on the 12th June :)

Baby Bear BoyHeartbroken born at 23 weeks  Baby Bear Girl 2010 Baby Bear Boy 2011

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18-Oct-10 9:02 am

I would love to be added.  My due date is June 21.  I also would love another girl.  Thanks and good luck everyone.

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18-Oct-10 3:39 pm

Hi My due Date is June 11, 2011!!

First time mummy so i am very very excited!!!!!

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19-Oct-10 1:10 pm

Hey can I be added 6-23-11 thanks!

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Baby Boy-January '10

Heartbroken- December '10 @ 15 weeks
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