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Star-30's sway for a girl after 5 boys, update It's boy num 6!!!

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11-Oct-10 5:15 pm


NAME -Star-30
Gender Resulted

-Unknown, Boy confirmed at 18 weeks

Swaying Attempt - Natural, EGS (TBM, SU, GDC, MSU), High Tech (IUI, IUI/MS), details?

-Natural and egs.  We dtd the naturally using sylk as a lube.I inserted the divacup and jumped and dumped straight away, added warm lime (15 drops)and re-inserted.Kept cup in all night as the lime in the sample always kept my ph low.Removed the divacup in morning and inserted finger tip of replens.


CM Ph -4.0-4.2
DH Ph -7.3-7.4
Douche type and when -15mls lime water
Replens and when -yes 1 hour before the 1st attempt and only afterwards on 2nd attempt as ph before was ph4.0
Big O -nope


Calcium -1200mg a day plus diet
Magnesium -600mg day plus diet
Potassium -low
Sodium -low salt diet
DH minerals -1200mg calcium, 600mg magnesium, also low potassium and salt


Dietary Changes -Followed ig diet strictly for 12 weeks before our 1st months attempt, the month i fell pg we were on ig strictly in 2 weeks before ovulation and ate off french diet for 2 weeks after so we didnt come have to come off the diet completely.Hd been on the diet 6-7 months by this point.I still avoided eating breakfast and didnt eat till 12pm for the 5 months ttc.Also ate the occasional white choclate bar as read that chocolate was acidifying and i was missing chocolate so much.
Did you continue diet after attempt/ how long? - Till day after bfp.
Caffeine -About 4-5 small cups of decaf tea a day during the month of my bfp (drank this mainly in morningsd due to tw theory about it dropping blood sugar) 
DH caffeine -Occasional coffee but not for week before our attempt.


Drinks -no
Supplements -Took saw palmetto 320mg month of bfp and 2 months before


Cranberry -10,000mg-30,000mg closer to ovulation
Acidophilus -no
Sudafed -yes 2 before 1st attempt 
Others -Vitamin c+zinc 100mg,iron 14mg,folic acid 800mg, baby aspirin 75mg, all daily.Also took aspartame tablets straight down as well as in drinks.Up to 10 a day near ovulation plus 10-15 in drinks.
DH supps -3 x liquorice root 420mg (stopping at ovulation), 15,000mg cranberry tablets


BD cutoff (# of days) -1 day Sad my cm/cp fooled me and i thought i was at o+12
BD thru O -no
O+12 -yes 
Frequent BD/how many days -nope, 21 day abstain,o+12 attempt release was 25 hours later. 
Charting O with Temp -yes and fertility friend
Charting O with OPK -yes
Fertility monitor used/type -clearblue fertility monitor
Suspected O date -September 30th 2010


Oed in what moon phase -Full moon
Changed ions in other ways?

-Rock salt crystal lamp by computer and as bed side lamp,wore senza pad over my ovaries, rose quartz necklace and bracelet,showered daily, large fish tank with external filter,peace lily (plant) used aerosol 2-3 x day, lavender shower jel, lavender aerosol air freshner,hematite in bra, neg ion hair dryer also used it to dry my body,nail polish and remover in months before bfp but not month of.


How many kids do you have? -5
What gender(s)? -all boys
# of months TTC -5
Your Age -31
BD position -missionary, shallow penatration on release
Jump and dump -yes inserted the diva cup after dtd and stood up straight away.
EWCM present/how much? -Yes for days leading up to and morning of cutoff attempt but none just before the the actual attempt  Possible had some on waking next day but could of been sample from the night before.None before o+12 attempt.
DH undies type -tight boxers
DH hot bath/shower -yes
OWT - anything under bed? -yep, 4 dresses, 1 romper and 2 tops



   -I'm hoping we did enough to get our very much wanted little gir/little sister. Though i think we will have another boy due to dtd so close to ovulation. We started off doing gdc/su/tbm the 1st month,dropped gdc and su due to boys being on summer hols the 2nd month and did tbm for next 2 months but didnt get pg.

,,, ,(shettles opposite,3 day cutoff), 

And another  Baby born june 2011

  my failed girl sway that resulted in another beautiful baby boy

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Due June 5th

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11-Oct-10 6:49 pm

 GL I hope you get your baby girl Hearts

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11-Oct-10 6:52 pm

CONGRATS!!! GREAT SWAY FOR A GIRL......i've always been routing for you....i always see your posts :) how did you get your ph and dh's down??? i'm trying to get him down alitte and myself too....

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11-Oct-10 9:01 pm

CONGRATULATIONS!! Thanks for sharing your excellent sway. Ive been routing for you too. You so deserve to get your girl after all the hard work, and youve also been very helpful to others, myself included. Enjoy eating whatever you want. Pray you get your daughter Love Ya!

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12-Oct-10 2:49 pm

Looks like a gr8 sway Star! ....(BTW I did -1 cut off  and got a girl!)

Hope this is your well deserved pink bean in the making!Hearts

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14-Oct-10 2:43 am

Star thats an amazing sway !! Try not to worry about the 1 day cut off, I'm pretty sure thats what we had, and when I went for my scan at 12weeks, baby ahead on dates suggesting I had conceived before I had even got a positive digital opk, so I could even have dtd on O day and we still got our dd, I truly believe now timing is the least important sway factor, hope you hear pink Love Ya!


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14-Oct-10 2:48 am

Star-30 - what fantastic news!!!  Congratulations and best wishes for a happy and healthy PINK pregnancy.  I think you had a fantastic sway and timing is the least important factor.  Sounds like you had an amazing diet which is the most important factor.  I really hope to be guessing girl on your nub shot soon.  CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!  Hearts

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14-Oct-10 3:27 am

GL I hope you get your baby Baby Bear Girl Happy

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14-Oct-10 4:14 am


CONGRATS!!! GREAT SWAY FOR A GIRL......i've always been routing for you....i always see your posts :) how did you get your ph and dh's down??? i'm trying to get him down alitte and myself too....



I think it was alot down to diet plus liquorice root for dh and for me aspartame and the cranberry tablets Happy Wink

,,, ,(shettles opposite,3 day cutoff), 

And another  Baby born june 2011

  my failed girl sway that resulted in another beautiful baby boy

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14-Oct-10 4:25 am

That's an amazing sway, you MUST have your girl in there!! Hearts

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As a parent, my boys are my world and my attempting to TTC pink was not a reflection on them or the love I have for them, I simply ached for a daughter to complete our family!!  However after 10 months I'm ready for my 3rd and final child NOW!!  I just want to be pregnant.  Swaying just didn't work for us, which makes me sad, but I'm glad we tried.  I'm scared I can't have a baby at all and that is the most important thing now, a healthy pregnancy and birth of my last child.

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Onto Cycle 10 ... in the 2ww @ 30/08/10 - 2nd cycle after 2nd m/c.  Can't believe where this journey has taken me.  Never imagined I'd not be pg by now and have 2 mc's too.  I will sway this month because I cannot let go of the dream just yet.  However, I really want to be holding my baby in my arms next summer and time is running out.  Come on sticky bean, this is our month.  Let's hope it's a pink one!! Hearts

Cycle 8 ... to sway or not to sway .... ???  Maybe a TTC break is needed?!  Ended up doing a partial sway, it was all I could manage in the end! Ended in mc Heartbroken
 Cycle 6!?!  How can that be?  I fell so easily with both ds's.  I didn't expect to fall straight away, but to be on my 6th cycle is totally unexpected.  I think this will be our last month of swaying as I really want to be pregnant now and am worried we somehow aren't going to manage that.  16/04/10 Ended in mc Heartbroken


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14-Oct-10 5:14 am


That's an amazing sway, you MUST have your girl in there!! Hearts


I hope so Happy Giggle

Thankyou everyone Love Ya!


,,, ,(shettles opposite,3 day cutoff), 

And another  Baby born june 2011

  my failed girl sway that resulted in another beautiful baby boy

Heart Now done have children, hoping for many grand-daughters Heart


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14-Oct-10 11:39 am

Star Sounds Great! I am so excited! GL FX for HH PINK Beans!

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16-Nov-10 2:28 pm

Great sway in my opinion, I hope you hear its a girl!!


Almighty God & Creator, grant that my body may conceive and give birth to a beautiful, healthy daughter to love and bring up in your ways AMEN

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just want 1 pink one plz

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16-Nov-10 4:54 pm

congratulations... what an awesome sway... im sure you will hear pink... n im sure she will be very spoilt by her big brothers.... i was worried bou my 1.5 day cut off... but timing is the least important... thaks for sharing your sway... cant wait to hear what your having.... ps enjoy eating again....

 i have 2 Baby Bear Boy aged 5 and 2 yrs old...... tried swaying for 10 mths with no pg n now im just ttc............ on clomid this mth as its 12 mths............... hoping its worked............

was bettyboo...........needed a change...................

after 18 mths of ttc we finally got a bfp........... the mth we dtd twice............ after mths n mths of dtd alot turns out it works for us to not ttc................due in jan............. cant wait

found out its a Baby Girl.......... so blessed........ so lucky.cant believe it.................

One more pink please :)

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18-Nov-10 9:15 am
brilliant sway!! but I cant stand all the waiting! lol for all the O's, BFP then genders!!!!! lol... GOOD LUCK EVERYONE xxxxx
[boy] 1999, [girl] 2004, [boy] 2010 & [girl] due jan 2013 Happy  LOL
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