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Picking up newborn..

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10-Oct-10 11:10 pm


I saw a nurse pick up my newborn under his armpits when in hospital, but still supporting his head with her fingers. So I have been doing this when transitioning my new baby boy from his stroller etc, always making sure to support his head and he is now 5 weeks old. However my midwife has told me today that you should 'not' pick him up this way!! I am a little annoyed she didn't tell me earlier as I am sure she has seen me do this before.. now I'm paronoid (as this is my first) that I have caused him damage!

I have searched the web and can't see anything about picking them up under the armpits - does anyone know someone who has done this and caused their baby damage? Or has lifted their newborns in this way and not caused any damage?

Thanks for any info you can give me.

Paranoid new mum.