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Finally feeling complete!

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10-Oct-10 8:21 pm

Thank you so much for the support!  I know if my post was written by anyone else, I would offer the same words of encouragement that you gave to me. It's just so much easier to tell other moms and trust that everything is fine with their nursing relationship, but so hard to trust my own body!  I will absolutely not be giving up any time soon...I nursed my second son for 19 months and it was 1000x harder for me to continue bfing him in those early weeks than it is now.  Things are going better this time around but I still doubt myself.

Do you notice that some days you seem to have more milk than others?  I can't tell for sure, of course, but it seems like some days the milk is overflowing and other days it feels like it's barely there at all.  I do tend to have tons of milk for the middle of the night and early morning feedings and then it gets less and less as the day goes on. I wish I could have tons of milk all day long!  I feel like everyone else has loads of milk all the time and I'm the only one who is like this.  Thanks again for your really helps to hear that there are other babies who only spend a few minutes nursing and are content and growing well!

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