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Mum to 3 gorgeous bubs

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10-Oct-10 6:21 pm
You sound just the same as me, a normal mother having BF issues as to whether or not you are satisfying your baby. It sounds like you are doing just great. Your baby is wet and dirty, she appears content most of the time and she is growing and gaining weight. It doesn't sound like you need to offer formula, stop doubting your own body. I too was just the same and some days feel I am deflated and don't have enough to feed him so in the past have supplemented with formula when I probably shouldn't, he too is gaining weight. Your baby is the same as mine, a little and often feeder and when I read of others who's babies were feeding for like 45 mins I was like are you serious? I must be doing something wrong but I am not. He feeds at my breast for anything between 5-15 minutes depending on how hungry he is, I just go with the flow and drink my water to aid supply. Your body is at the stage where it evens out the milk supply for the on demand requests of your baby so the more you feed the more it will supply. I spoke to a lactation consultant and read many articles where babies can become fussy on the breast at certain growth spurt times during there first year. She also said that the 11 week mark is when alot of women give up as their milk supply levels off and they no longer feel the full breast they had been doing. I know it is strange but I too am at that stage, just keep going and listen to your body and your baby, if she doesn't want the formula then you are doing enough. It won't be long before they have solids and then you will just top up with milk. You sound like you are doing just great. Good luck and HTH.xx

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