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10-Oct-10 6:08 pm

How long does it take your baby to eat?  Emma never really did nurse for long periods, but she always nursed frequently.  I had supply issues (prior to taking More Milk Plus) and still offer her a small amount of formula two times a day.  She's been growing very well, and is up 5lbs and 5inches from her birth weight and length.  She is wetting enough and pooping once a day.  She is content after nursing, but I'm worried she's not getting enough.  I don't feel as engorged as I used to and she nurses for less time than she used to.  It's a really short time, like 5 minutes and she's done.  She does nurse about an hour or so later when she gets tired and wants to nap.  Does this seem normal?  It try to offer formula in case she isn't getting enough at the breast, but she refuses it.  I should just trust her, right?  I am so afraid that she isn't getting enough!

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